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Who am I?

I’m Thomas, you might know me for being one of the co-founders of Spacee (Remarkable Accelerator startup). I recently changed my focus from being a founder to working with agencies, startups and corporates on digital products. I started designing 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since. If you feel that my skills could help your project then feel free to contact me 😃

I help companies with websites, apps and software design

Message Client

UI/UX - Website - Branding

Message Client is a personal project that is based on 5 years working as a freelancer and with agencies. Message Client is a new messenger tool that easily lets your client stay up to date without the hassle of going back and forth.


Branding - Brand Strategy - UI/UX

I helped Raw Studio with several projects including, Kidsbook, Poncho, MeetMentor and Vita.ly. During my time at Raw.Studio, I focused on Branding and UI/UX.


Branding - Brand Strategy - UI/UX

Morsel is a community created library of mini-docs to help you learn, share and remember new code. We build this in less than 2 weeks to help developers share cheatsheets in one place. I worked on the Branding, Wireframing and UI.


Website - App UI/UX

Credeem is a digital loyalty coffee app that allows you to store all your coffee cards in one place. I was responsible for creating UI/UX App pages as well as the pre-launch landing page.

The Cre8tive Co


The Cre8tive Co is a creative agency based in Wagga Wagga. They are very niche and only provide a handful of services. 
The agency rebranded and approached me to create a new website that spoke to their target audience. The new website focused on a simplistic version that still showcased their services, background and ease of accessibility.

Spacee (now Wayhome)

UI/UX - Website - Branding

Spacee is an online platform for accessible housing. Being Co-Founder, my responsibilities and role in the company was very important. So much so, because I had to call all the shots.  I lead the product from start to 100 B2B companies using the platform. I created the branding, landing page from the previous company "Spacee" and the new one "Wayhome. The new platform should launch in 2020.

Latest Dribbble post

"Thomas has always gone above and beyond. Not only is his character admirable, he is also a very impressionable individual in the tech field. His ability to deliver is second to none. Every design he has developed strategically for our clients has been captivating and concise. I would highly recommend Thomas and his skills to any agency. He has been a great asset to our teams success."

Mariam Rehman, The Cre8tive Co

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